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We are a team of display professionals and founded this company in 2000. Most of us have more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of LCD display modules. Over the years, we dedicated our best to the Total Quality Management philosophy. It was how we kept improving the quality and customer satisfaction that one could count on us. This commitment continues.

Our new factory in China is built to meet the specific requirements for the manufacturing of TFT-LCD modules. The production equipment are state-of-the-art and can support the roadmap of world-leading TFT-LCD module manufacturers. The future expansion is planned for the rapid die-shrinkage of integrated display drivers. Strategically, we have already formed the partnership with the front-end display manufacturers and have thereby made agreement in the manufacturing technology transfer. It is therefore our core business to provide the valued OEM/ODM services for the module assembly.
It is our prime mission to advance the manufacturing technology for the betterment of our community.

We discipline the ethical conduct of honesty, faith, rectitude and justice. All individuals are respected on equal ground. We require everyone of us to conform the business practices that are complied with these principles, in addition to the common laws. We are a socially responsible company and seriously consider the potential of negative impacts on the community and the environment. We care since this is our home.

Since 1993, we have developed the proprietary technologies for the manufacturing of passive LCD and active-matrix TFT display module.

1. Nematic and Cholesteric LCD
2. Low-temperature poly-silicon TFT
3. Fast-switching LC modes
4. Ultra-fine-pitch Chip-On-Glass bonding

Kentec Mission

lTo be a reliable & valuable business partnership
To be a professional solution provider in LCD Module, Microcontroller, Power Management & Mobile Communication Market.

Kentec Group History

+ Established on Jul 1, 2002
+ Set up HK & Taiwan office in 2002
+ Set up Shanghai Office in 2002
+ Set up Shenzhen Office in 2003
+ Achieve 85 Million USD sales in 2007
+ Set up Philippine Office in 2008
+ Set up Cheng Du office in 2009
+ Set up LCM manufacturing base in 2009
+ Set up customer service and FAE team in SZ and SH in 2009

Office Locations

+ HK - Kentec Electronics Ltd (Headquarter)
  - Room 2804, 28/F, EW International Tower,120-124 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.
+ Twn - Kentec Electronics Ltd Taiwan Branch(TW)
  - Room 1, 8F. 283, Fu Hsing S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 106
+ China (SZ) - Kentec Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd.
  - Room 7C-706, Floor 7, Building 213 #, Tairan technology Park, Che gong miao Industrial areas, Futian district, Shenzhen
+ China (SH) - Kentec Electronics (Shanghai Office)
  - Room 8C, Tower C, Fu du garden Building, No.299, Xuan Hua Road,Chang Ning District, Shanghai
+ LCM manufacturing base
  - Bei Shan Industrial area, ShenZhen

Contact Information
Feel free to contact us.
Tel: 852-24900909
Fax: 852-24900678
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